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Trash Talk Tuesday presents: "Modern Landfill"


     1. This lax deck uses "DUMP" and "LANDFILL" imprecisely and interchangeable. But there's a DIFFERENCE between them, WHAT is it?

     2. HOW do you MAKE a  modern landfill?


     1. At a dump, refuse is . . . dumped . . . and left exposed to the elements. At a landfill, each day's accumulation of garbage gets covered with dirt. 

     2. To make a Subtitle D landfill - a pretty standard fill that can accept classic garbage plus deceased home electronics, ashes from incinerated tires, and moderate quantities of sludge and nail polish - dig a pit or find an old quarry. Lay down some shale. Grade it into an appropriate slope, then compact it. Cover the shale with clay; grade and compact that.

     Now put down a geomembrane: absorbent clay sandwiched with plastic and textile fabrics. Top it with thick plastic sheeting and fuse the sheets together at their seams. Rum perforated pipes to collect leachate (the fluid that will percolate down through the anticipated refuse ) for detox treatment. 

     Bury what you've got so far under crushed rock; this will keep the sheet and substrate in place and protect the pipes from harm. Add garbage. 

information Talking Trash Knowledge Cards Text by: James Donnelly









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